Sunday, October 9, 2016


  Philip and his friends, Roman, Scott, Kyle and Tom have been playing a traditional pen and paper role playing game called Caves and Lands together for six years.

  Just as the group finishes one of the pre-written adventures of the game, Philip’s younger sister Maven decides to join them. She goes with her brother to buy a special collector’s edition campaign, The Fall of Fel’Duhr, that comes with an assortment of exciting new maps, books, characters, and a very special set of dice.

  The moment the dice hit the table for the first time, they all find themselves trapped in the game with the very characters they created. To make matters worse, Philip is nowhere to be found and they’re right in the path of an advancing army of unworldly creatures. The problem isn’t that they don’t know what’s happening; The problem is that they know all too well.

  Traveling alongside the manifestations of their own imaginations, the group is recruited to help save the kingdom of Fel’Duhr from an incursion of dark magic. All the while being chased by the Dark Army, separated by a sudden invasion, and hunted by a powerful Necromancer.

  As they look for their missing friend and try to stay alive in a world of magic, fairy-folk, and dragons, they must face the possibility that they may never escape The Fall of Fel’Duhr.

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